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Spot Face Drill Bit 1 1/4 Inch


  • Model: AMT-102
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1 1/4 Inch Spot face drill bit for creating a flat mounting surface: useful to epoxy or mounting of an accelerometer or washer. This is a short Series, 4 Flute, High Quality, and made in USA Sport Facer. Included in the kit is one replaceable pilot 3/16 inch stub length SPIRALBOHRER High Speed Steel drill bits, a Hex Key Wrench and a a #3 Jobber High Speed Drill Bit: used to Drill Pilot Hole for a 1/4X28, 10-32, or M6X1 Tap. The 1 1/4 inch Spot Face Drill can be used in a portable electric hand drill that will accept a 3/8 inch drill.

Rreplacement SPIRALBOHRER High Speed Steel bits available: order part #AMT-101A.
Replacement Hex Key Wrench available: order part #AMT-102B. Replacement #3 Jobber High Speed Drill Bit: order part number AMT-113.

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  • Model: AMT-102
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs