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Balancing Software & Hardware

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The Rx2 USB data acquisition unit is specifically designed for machine balancing and vibration analysis. Key features include, two channel simultaneous vibration inputs with a third channel for the TTL tachometer, onboard digital sensing signal processing and tracking filter for true machine speed. Capabilities include TTL tachometer sensor power and vibration sensor power for ICP, IEPE sensors along with connectivity for displacement and velocity transducers. The Rx2 with NexBalance software provides advanced one and two plane balancing capability with balance tolerance and full report capability.

Package price $3,500

Rx2 technical specifications:

  • Two channel simultaneous input, two IEPE, ICP vibration sensor and one TTL tachometer, both proving sensor power
  • USB Communications and Power supply
  • Two 24-bit A/D processors with built-in anti-aliasing
  • 102.4 kS/s maximum sample rate
  • 120 dB dynamic range
  • Tachometer with +5-12V sensor power
  • Onboard Digital Signal Processing
  • Tracking filters
  • Analog triggering
  • Pre and Post-Trigger capture
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 2 x 1 (14cm x 5cm x 2.5cm)
  • Weight 250 Grams (0.25

NexBalance Balancing software key features:

  • Completely FREE software licensing allowing the software to be loaded on any number of computer
  • Manual data entry capability allows users can take readings, phase and amplitude data from older balancing analyzers such as IRD 350, IRD 245 or CSI 2115 and others and then provide a detailed report and balance calculations
  • One and two plane balancing with multi axis, vector display and math calculations with the capability allowing users to go back at any step of the process. Indispensable tool for making corrections and adjustments
  • Balance job save capability allowing the balance setup and job data to be saved and or emailed to other individuals who can review the balance information with their own copy of NexBalance
  • Detailed report capability with email and print in PDF that includes job details, images, company logo, customer information and much more
  • Balance tolerance display and report capability showing the user at each balance step if the balance job is within tolerance
  • Mathematical calculator built in
  • Built in notes taking capability with images for each balance step Trial weight balancing
  • English and Metric setup plus data conversion calculator and the ability to utilize both English and Metric simultaneously
  • Polar diagram, vector graphics along with user defined color options for each sensor / cable location
  • Split and add weight functions
  • Discrete weight location capability
  • User can customize the name for each weight plane
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