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Analyzer Calibration Service NIST Traceable


  • Model: CS-101
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CSI, Entek, IRD, SKF calibration services are available for most analyzers and test equipment.

We have a working relationship with a very reliable Company that provides the very highest quality work: they offer one-time repair services and/or maintenance contracts. They also offer quantity discounts for businesses that have multiple Analyzers: contact us for a specific quote.

Example of costs:
Most calibrations are $450. This includes the analyzer and the accelerometer. Additional accelerometers are at $35 net each.

Repair costs are $1,650 on average and guaranteed for 12 months. This can include the battery, when necessary.

Calibration for laser shaft laser alignment is $450 per unit. For the CSI 8000, the cost is $450 for the heads and $450 for the analyzer. This is a long process. For the Pruftechnik products (Optalign, Optalign PLUS, Rotalign, etc) the cost is $450. There is no additional cost for the computer.

Repairs on the lasers is typically $1,450. This includes calibration and batteries.

For additional details concerning calibration for your specific model, contact us at 775-826-7503 and/or via email at and we will provide the referral information.

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  • Model: CS-101
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